My name is Gabriela Lubaba but people often call me Gaby. I’m a 20 year-old Multimedia Journalist and a Freelance Video Editor based in San Francisco. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia and moved to San Francisco in 2008 to pursue my Bachelor Degree.

Lace and Tones is a platform where I share my interest in Fashion and Cooking to the world. You will find my posts into four categories; Style, Beauty, Food and DIY Projects. My goal is to encourage other girls and women out there to dress up, look nice, eat right and feel good about themselves. If I had to describe Lace and Tones in 4 words it’ll be Style, Spice and Everything Nice.


I was always interested in Fashion and Styling ever since I was young but I refuse to get a degree in Fashion because I see myself more as a consumer. Having a stylish Mom, I learned that all girls shall dress up no matter what. My Mom said people will automatically respect you more when you dress up and look nice. After all, you can never be too dressed up anyway! Another hobby that I’ve been doing this past couple of years is cooking. Long story short, I gained 20 pounds when I first move to SF. Not attractive at all. I realized it was because I ate bigger portions here than I did in Asia. So as a way to solve the problem, I started cooking healthy meals at home and started going to the gym. And I did lost 10 pounds after that. 10 more to go. And that’s why I started Lace and Tones.

Happy Reading!