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Month: April, 2013

Night Out Look Book

Hey dolls!

Hope you’re all well. I thought I put together a look book for a night out. I separate the looks into 3 different occasions. A date night, girls night out and a concert night. So let’s get into it.

The first one is a date night outfit. I try to mix in some classic and romantic elements together by adding pearl necklace and a slit pencil skirt. Slit skirts are pretty around right now. Something about it makes it look classy and sexy.

Urban Outfitters Top, Topshop skirt, Zara Blazer.

The second one is a girls night out outfit. Black and gold is always my go to combo. But to top it up a notch, I add a leopard print blazer.



Zara Top, American Apparel Disco Pants, Urban Outfitters Blazer, UNIF Platform Boots.

This third outfit is a concert night look. What’s more grungy then the mixture of studs and pleather. I love the pleather! I think they add a little bit of grunginess to any outfit.


Celine Shirt, Topshop Cardigan, Urban Outfitters Pleather shorts, Comme des Fckdown Beanie, UNIF Platform Boots.

Check out my Look book video below!

So that’s it for my Night out Lookbook. I hope this could be somewhat helpful for you girls to mix and match your night out outfit. Let me know which one’s your favorite look in the comments down below. I’ll talk to you guys in my next one. Bye!




Top 5 Makeup Essentials

Hey dolls!

When it comes to makeup products, there are so many of them that I need to have. Too bad I can’t carry them all. So I always have a small makeup bag to carry all of my make up essentials everywhere I go. I want to share with you all my top 5 makeup essentials that I always carry in my makeup bag.

1. Mascara

In my opinion, mascara is the most important makeup product to have in your make up purse. I can go out without wearing my makeup at all but I have to have my mascara on. All you need is a few coats on your lashes and it makes a big difference to your face. One of the mascara that I really like is Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara. You should give it a try!


2. Face Powder

You all know what it’s for. I think every woman has to have a powder in their makeup bag. Sometimes all you need is a few touch up and you’re good to go. Plus, most face powder comes with a mirror in it so you don’t have to carry an extra mirror in your make up bag. Right now, I’m using chanel’s natural finish face powder. Highly recommended!


3. Blotting Papers.

If you have a oily skin like me, having a blotting paper in your make up bag is a must. You don’t know how much oil you have in your face until you absorb it with these. You just have to gently pad your T-zone with the paper until it got rid of most of the oil. I recommend the Bobbi Brown ones. It’s so good it doesn’t smudge your make up at all.


4. Lip Balm

Dry lips are a big no no! Unless you’re dehydrated in the middle of a desert, there’s no excuse to have dry lips. Always have a lip balm in your purse ladies! Trust me, lips are one of the most important feature in your face. You don’t want to have chapped lips ever. There are so many good lip balms out there but the one that I really like is Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1.


5. Travel size perfume or body mist

I think this is the most important essential of all. Coco chanel once said, “a woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” When I think about it, it’s kinda true. You can look like a train wreck but still smell good. Always have a travel size perfume wherever you go. You never know who you’re going to meet. You want to smell good to make a good first impression! You don’t have to spent crazy amount of money for this. Victoria Secret carries a huge selection of travel-sized body mist you can choose. They’re pretty inexpensive too.

284157 summer bombshell

So that was my top 5 essentials in my makeup bag. What’s yours? Let me know in the comment section down below.


Vegan Chocolate Pudding

I’m not a vegan but I love this recipe. If you have a sweet tooth like me and is looking for a yummy-guilt-free dessert recipe, you will love this. This vegan chocolate pudding is a non-dairy-healthy version of the real chocolate pudding.

Here’s a list of the ingredients you need:

1. 4 avocados

2. 3 tbsp of tablespoons coconut oil

3. 1 cup of agave nectar

4. 1 cup of cacao powder

5. 1 teaspoon seasalt

6. 1 teaspoon vanilla essence

8. Raspberries for toppings

And now the preparation. It’s really easy I promise.

First, scoop all the avocados out from the skin and put it in a food processor or a blender. Add all the mixing ingredients and blend them together. You might want to open the blender cap once in a while and mix the cocoa powder evenly to the mixture. Once you’re sure the mixture is evenly blend, you can put it inside a jar or cute teacups. You can enjoy it with some raspberries, blueberries or blackberries if you like; and Voila! your vegan chocolate pudding is done.

See, it’s not that hard. If you like this recipe or try making one yourself, let me know how it turned out  in the comment section below. That’s all for now.

Bon Appetit!

DIY Project: Succulent Terrarium

Succulent Terrarium


It’s hip, it’s pretty and it’s budget friendly.

Terrarium is a container that holds specific kinds of plants and is great for indoor gardening. You can put it in the corner of your working desk, next to your bed or on the dining table. It’s very easy to maintain as well. I wanted to get one for myself, but getting a terrarium in a plant store is pretty expensive. So I was like, why not make it myself.

Here are the supplies you will need:

1. Rocks

2. Charcoal

3. Succulent Soil

4. Decorative Rocks (Optional)

5. Succulents

6. Unused Jar

Now let’s get into it.

1. First of all, the base (which consist of rocks, charcoals and soil) of your terrarium should be a third of the jar you’re using. You want to fill the first layer of the jar with rocks. Since a terrarium has no drainage, rocks are used to absorb water coming in to the terrarium.

2. For the second layer, you only need about 2 spoons of charcoals. You don’t really need too much. Charcoals are needed inside a terrarium to get rid of any kinds of bacteria growing inside it.

3. To finish up the base, cover the rocks and charcoals with some succulent soil. Make sure you put the same amount as the rocks layer.

4. Now that you have the base ready, it’s time to get the succulent in the jar. You want to start with the bigger succulent first. Tips: Do not over crowd the jar and make sure that the succulents don’t touch each other to prevent bacteria from growing.

5. This step is optional but you can decorate your terrarium the way you want it. I just like to add some rocks on top of the soil to add some colors.

If you want to see a quick demo on how I make the terrarium, check out the video below.

Overall, I spent less than $10 to make 1 Terrarium. I guess that’s pretty inexpensive when you compare to store prices. If you live around San Francisco and you’re wondering where to get varieties of succulents and terrarium supplies, check out Succulence in Bernal heights. They offer awesome varieties of succulents I’m not even kidding. They also offer all the supplies you need to make your own Succulent Terrarium.

That’s all for now. If you’re interested in making one, let me know in the comment section below. Good Luck!